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The smallest were the greatest - Clear victory over MBC

On Sunday afternoon, the OPEL SKYLINERS were friendly welcomed at the Stadthalle Weißenfels, and they thanked in their way by performing a spectacular start into the game. After only a short time, the scoreboard already showed 1-10 when MBC head coach Sabit Hadzic took his first time-out.

While still controlling the game clearly through their dominance under the board with Mario Kasun and Robert Maras, the OPEL SKYLINERS started running into serious foul problems, when both had to be substituted with 3 fouls each in the second quarter. The OPEL SKYLINERS went into halftime holding a tight lead of 4 points at 36-40.

The situation became even worse only shortly after intermission. With Maras, Kasun and Papic all center players were charged with 4 fouls each, forced to watch the game from the bench. Even though then all trumps seemed to be in the hands of the MBC, only the small and agile Frankfurt players took their chances. Point by point they increased the lead again and handed the game back over at a score of 54-67. During the final quarter of the contest our team played the ball around nicely putting constant pressure on their opponents and consequently took home a clear 77-86 victory.

Als Center beim Sprungball - unsere #10 Jukka Matinen Top scorer from among the Frankfurt team was Jukka Matinen with 16 points, followed by Robert Garrett who contributed 14 points. With a remarkable debut: Newly signed US American Ray Weathers with 9 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists.

The quarters: 77-86 (18-26, 18-14, 18-27, 23-19)