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OPEL SKYLINERS win season kick-off game over TBB Trier 83:64 (50:27)

Light and well-earned the OPEL SKYLINERS won by 83:64 over their guests from Trier on Friday, October 4th. At no point of the game the team around head coach Bernard Thompson found an answer to the combined team effort of the OPEL SKYLINERS. From the very beginning, the Frankfurt team dominated the course of the game on their home floor.

Especially, our World Championship heroes Robert Maras, who scored 10 points and grabbed 12 rebounds, and Pascal Roller, who also had 10 points as well as 4 assists, knew how to put on the show. Consequently, Frankfurt took a 50:27 edge into half time.

Ein kleiner gro?er Fan der OPEL SKYLINERS Also during the second half, the home team had the game well in hand and, again, saw to it that Carl Brown (4 point, 0-to-8 shots, 4-to-4 free throws) never really got into the game. With 6 minutes left on the clock, Gordon Herbert already brought 17 year-old Academy player Alex King on the court.

Unfortunately, there is not much time to celebrate pleased about the first win and the first 2 points of the new season, as the OPEL SKYLINERS are travelling to Oldenburg tomorrow, where they will play the EWE Baskets on Sunday afternoon (live on the internet in our live score at 6:00 pm).

The quarters: 22-14, 28-13, 17-16, 16-21