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OPEL SKYLINERS defeated by Telindus Oostende in ULEB Cup

On game day 7 in the ULEB Cup group B there was nothing to get out of it for the OPEL SKYLINERS after another weak performance against Belgian champion Telindus Oostende. The Frankfurt team had to enter for Belgium without Ray Weathers, who is currently absent due to bronchitis, and are now ranking fifth with 4-10 points.

For Telindus Oostende this 85-75 win was their first victory in the ULEB Cup. For the OPEL SKYLINERS this means that their next game vs. Pivovarna Lasko (rank 4 with 6-8 points) at the Ballsporthalle on December, 18 will bring the preliminary decision on their chances to reach the next round in the ULEB Cup.

Head coach Gordon Herbert was mostly disappointed by the team's spirit on the court: "Our worst shortcoming today was, that we did not appear as a team. We have not played too well and missed many shots. However, I am mostly disappointed by the lacking performance as a team. Some players played with heart, whereas others did not. We can only come out of this hole together. If we do so, it will make us even stronger. Still, this will only work with joint team effort. We all have to be aware of that."

The quarters: 85-75 (23-16, 19-14, 23-19, 20-26)

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