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"Our last 15 minutes were horrible."

On game day 11 in the s.Oliver BBL the young team of the OPEL SKYLINERS had to take another bitter defeat in their game against EnBW Ludwigsburg in front of 4.620 spectators in the Ballsporthalle. Until shortly after intermission (57-40) the OPEL SKYLINERS had been the dominating force on the court.

The team around Gordon Herbert had even built a 23 point-lead (76-53, 26. minute) when they suddenly lost control over their pace and got entangled in thoughtless single actions. Ludwigsburg on the other hand, used the obvious weakness of their opponent, made up leeway point by point and finally took over the lead with only a few minutes remaining. The Frankfurt team was just not strong enough to turn the game around again. Consequently, they had to swallow a 94-100 defeat in their home arena and now rank eighth in the league.

OPEL SKYLINERS head coach Gordon Herbert: "Today we have shown our worst defensive performance of the whole season. You can not expect to win a game if you allow for 100 points at home. In the last quarter, we did not control the pace anymore, instead we played wild basketball and had too many turnovers. Instead of playing 40 minutes, we played only about 25 minutes concentrated on the court. The positive aspect is that we will have a chance to play better basketball on Wednesday already."

The quarters: 94-100 (31-20, 26-20, 20-27, 17-33)