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Adam Opel AG to renew sponsoring contract until 2005

(v.l.n.r.) Pascal Roller (Spieler), Dr. Gunnar Wobke (Manager), Dr. Uhland Burkart (Vorstandsmitglied der Adam Opel AG), Gordon Herbert (Trainer) The German automobile manufacturer Opel took up its option to renew its sponsoring contract and continues the successful cooperation with the OPEL SKYLINERS through season 2004/2005.

Right at the beginning of todays pre-season press conference of the OPEL SKYLINERS at Opel Live in Russelsheim there were great news: Dr. Uhland Burkart, member of the management board at Opel, announced the renewal of the sponsoring contract between the German automobile company Adam Opel AG and the Frankfurt national league basketball team for another two years one year prior to expiration of their original contract.

Pascal Roller mit einem Fan Dr. Uhland Burkart, board member of the Adam Opel AG:

"Opel is going in for sports and in particular for basketball. This young and fresh sport, that is exciting more and more young people, perfectly matches with our company philosophy and our brand values being creativity, dynamics and versatility. There is much potential for development in basketball. The strategy of the OPEL SKYLINERS to build up a top team with young and promising players in the long term and to specifically support young talents is not only creative but also courageous. This is one reason why the OPEL SKYLINERS as a team from of our region represent a great platform for us to emotionalize our brand and actively approach young people."

OPEL SKYLINERS General Manager Gunnar Wobke:

"The Adam Opel AG's decision to renew our contract allows us to plan ahead for the years to come and the teams future. Building a European sports brand together in economically unsteady times certainly is a very ambitious goal. Obviously, the early extension of our contract confirms the way we are trying to go together. We as a team are really looking forward to the upcoming years of a continued and fruitful cooperation."