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Three ? That's the Magic Number

Yes, your are reading right. Two actual members of our team, plus former Player Marcus Goree are all playing in this years NBA-Summerleague! After two Preseason-Summercamps, our Center Robert Maras was selected by the Dallas Mavericks Coaching Staff and will now join the Team to participate in a Summerleague-Tournament. Only 12 players were nominated and Robert is one of them! The Mav's will play in Los Angeles between July 9th-16th.

Lakers and Heat among opponents!

Robert will play against other Rookies when the Mav's face the Lakers (July 9th), Clippers (July 10th), Grizzlies (July 12th), Warriors (July 13th), Rockets (July 15th) and Heat (July 16th).

Strong performance earns Roster-Spot!

After Robert Maras and Pascal Roller were invited to a Preseason-Camp last week, the Center took two stages to make the final Roster. Roller meanwhile played on a high level too, but they were just too many Players for the Guard Position.

Kyle Manary, Dallas Mavericks (Basketball Operations): "Robert worked very good on the boards and showed a great attitude.. He worked hard for his minutes on the team!

Mario Kasun dresses for Orlando!

It's not a dream anymore. Recently signed to a three-year Contract, our new Center, 22-year old Mario Kasun from Croatia was invited to the Magic's Summerleague-Team. Mario got drafted in the second Round of this years NBA-Draft by the LA Clippers. His rights were traded to the Magic and now he is at least a part of the Summerleague-Team. There he will face another well known Player!

Marcus Goree to play for Bucks and Grizzlies

Former OPEL SKYLINERS Player Marcus Goree will dress up for the Bucks in the Summerleague starting today. He will play for the Memphis Grizzlies right after that and is hoping to get an offer from the League.