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Roller and Maras invited to Mavs Pre-Summerleague Camp

Pascal Roller and Robert Maras are both current members of the German National Team. Our players got honored a few days ago when they were invited to a Dallas Mavericks Pre-Summerleague Camp. The Camp will take place between July 1st - 3rd. Both hope to make the final Roster for the Mavs Summerleague Team which then will play in different Tournaments around the States. A total of 18 players were invited to the Camp. Coach Gordie Herbert and Manager Gunnar Wöbke made as well the trip to Texas.

Manager Gunnar Wöbke:

"We are very happy for Pascal and Robert. The Camp will help to develop their personell Skills. What can you more ask for as a young talented player? In Dallas they will find all they need to get further. The Competition, the Tactics and strong players. This will be a great experience for them. Also they will get in shape for the National Games."

Guard Pascal Roller:

"It will be a great Experience for me to play in Dallas. They play much faster than in Europe and i can learn a lot not only from that. I will face a lot of US-Players and this is a perfect Preparing for the upcoming World Championships in Indianapolis."

Center Robert Maras:

"This is a real honor and a big challenge as well for me. They play totally different from what we know and this will be a experience that is only good for both of us. I really hope that we will make the final Roster for the Summerleague."

Kyle Manary, Dallas Mavericks (Basketball Operations):

"The Competition in NBA Summercamps is really strong, because a lot of talented players from the States and Europe are trying to get into the best League. It'll be interesting to see how Pascal and Robert will handle this."