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Auswärts: Fr 09.12. 19:00 Uhr in Würzburg
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OPEL SKYLINERS win in Leverkusen 88:86 (45:45)

On the third game day the Frankfurt team succeeded in their away game in Leverkusen and brought in a very important win against the Giants. After another bad start in the first quarter, the OPEL SKYLINERS went all out for a win and tied the game at half time (48-48). The second half went back and forth with changing leads and ended luckily and yet deserved by 85-88 in favor of the guest team.

National team player, Robert Maras, and Mario Kasun under the basket and Pacal Roller's shots from the line were the key factors for success and consequently for the second win. Top scorer of the game was Mario Kasun with a double-double.

The quarters: 14-30, 31-15, 19-14, 24-27