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Letztes Spiel:89:68Mi 22.05.in TrierBericht
Letztes Spiel:74:73Fr 24.05.vs TrierBericht
Auswärts:So 26.05.17:00 Uhrin Trier

OPEL SKYLINERS give away second semi-final 99:71

Now Berlin leads 2:0 in the series. For Frankfurt every next game has to be a win. 7000 spectators in the Max-Schmeling-Halle saw their home team in a good shape. With massive defense and effective shooting they rolled over asthonished OPEL SKYLINERS. Frankfurt acted nervous and could not show the kind of game they used to play.

Big Emotions on the court lead to several Fouls. A disqualificating one of George Zidek of the Berlin team who gave an ellbow check to Kai Nurnberger. Nurnberger as the most experienced player of the Frankfurt Team seemed to be the only person to face the high and intense pressure of ALBA Berlin.

OPEL SKYLINERS Coach Gordon Herbert: "What I am missing most is the teamplay we had in the Euroleague and in the regular season where we played successful basketball. At the moment we act individually. The only chance against Berlin is to perform as a team."

The quarters: 28:12, 23:25, 22:13, 26:21

The next and 3. game will take place in Frankfurt on Saturday 11. May, 14:00 h, in the Ballsporthalle.