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OPEL SKYLINERS defeated by FMP Zeleznik Belgrad after hard fight

After a hardly fought game which was dominated by the defense of both teams the self-sacrificingly fighting OPEL SKYLINERS had to admit defeat to now table leading FMP Zeleznik Belgrad on game day 6 in the ULEB Cup.

Pascal Roller hat es gleich mit zwei Verteidigern zu tun. (Foto: Anna Hopfl)

In front of 4.570 fans at the Ballsporthalle, the Frankfurt team and especially Mario Kasun started very well into the contest and even held a 36-27 lead at halftime. And yet, at the end they were not able to resist the constant pressure and strong defense of Belgrad. The guest team won the game in the third quarter, which was closed 4-17 in favour of FMP Zeleznik. Top scorer of the game was once again Mario Kasun with 18 points, 14 rebounds and 2 blocks.

OPEL SKYLINERS head coach Gordon Herbert: "I have seen the team's best second and the worst third quarter of this season. This is definitely disappointing but we will learn from it and develop ourselves further."

The quarters: 59-68 (13-19, 23-8, 4-17, 19-24)