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Letztes Spiel: 84:83 Fr 05.05. in Crailsheim Bericht
Letztes Spiel: 82:88 So 07.05. in Göttingen Bericht

OPEL SKYLINERS defeated at home by RheinEnergie Cologne

Sicher beim Sprungball - unsere #12 Stipo Papic There was not a bit hesitation or descretion on either side of the court in front of 5.000 fans at the sold-out Ballsporthalle on Sunday afternoon. Both teams were running full throttle from the very beginning. The OPEL SKYLINERS went into half-time break with only one point in leeway at a score of 37-38.

You could just feel and actually also see the strong will to win with all players as well as coaches. After intermission the extremely energetic Cologne team put a 5-16 run on the court and hereby laid the foundation for their 83-70 victory over the OPEL SKYLINERS. Umcompromising defense was obviously the message that Cologne headcoach Stephan Baeck had drummed into the heads of his players. Our team tried hard to withstand and to once again turn the game over but failed at last. However, they certainly did not lack fighting spirit ...

The quarters: 70-83 (18-20, 19-18, 10-21, 23-24)