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OPEL SKYLINERS celebrate first victory in ULEB Cup

On Wednesday night, the OPEL SKYLINERS won their first home game in the ULEB Cup vs. BC Telindus Oostende in superior style by 90-79. Both teams went highly concentrated into the contest and wanted to bring in a victory. Due to a combined team effort, the Frankfurt team could brake away in the second quarter for the first time during the game and from then on did not give up the lead again. Top scorer of the OPEL SKYLINERS was Robert Garret with 17 points.

Travis Conlan. The US-American Travis Conlan, who is currently in try out, played a successful first game in the shirt of the OPEL SKYLINERS. And it was him the crowd owes the highlight of the game to - an alley-hoop pass to Stipo Pacic, who drilled the ball in with a dunk making the score 89-75 in favor of the OPEL SKYLINERS with to minutes left on the clock.

The quarters: 90-79 (23-23, 25-18, 22-18, 20-20)