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Mario Kasun gets drafted by the Los Angeles Clippers!

Manager Gunnar Wobke:

"A lot of people were saying that Mario has NBA Potential and this was confirmed last night. Now he has to work even harder to show everyone that he can really jump into the best League in the world. But nothing has changed since we signed him to a Three-Year Contract. Mario has not played for two years and therefore we will not put any pressure on him."

Mario will at least play one Season with the Opel Skyliners. If the Orlando Magic show interest after that, Mario can opt out of his contract to join the Magic or any other team in the NBA. If a player gets drafted in the Second Round, most NBA Teams decide to let the Player get some experience in other Leagues first before they pick them up. Those Teams just want to have the rights on the player first.

Mario Kasun:

"That's unbelievable. I've always dreamed about playing for the Orlando Magic. Right now, I see my chances playing in the NBA at 50 Percent. This would be a dream come true, but right now I'm really focusing on playing for the OPEL SKYLINERS."