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Live-Chat mit Andy Kwiatkowski

Hatte jede Menge Spaß beim Live-Chat mit den Fans - unsere #4 Andy Kwiatkowski Andy_K hat den Channel betreten

Moderator: Hallo an alle, es kann losgehen. Andy freut sich auf eure Fragen.

obibiba sagt: Hallo!

Lenny sagt: hallo

Andy_K sagt: hello!

Selly sagt: hello andy

eike86 sagt: hallo Andy, was machst du an Fitness-und Konditionstraining über das Bb-Training hinaus? Ich spiele selbst auch, möchte aber zusätzlich für den Muskelaufbau etwas tun.

Andy_K sagt: I played volleyball in school, and I also play tennis in the summers.

obibiba sagt: Hello Andy! Thanks a lot for the time you spend with your fans! I hope you'll enjoy it.

Lenny sagt: hi Andy, how are you?

Andy_K sagt: I´m wonderful, thanks for asking!

obibiba sagt: Andy, you're one of the most consistent 3-point-shooters in the league. What is your secret that makes your shots so accurate?

Andy_K sagt: It´s just a lot of practice, I usually take 100-200 extra shots after every practice, and finally they`re going in in games!

eike86 sagt: What's the best way to train in the USA? I'll be staying there for one year and I want to spend a lot of time to train professional

Andy_K sagt: The USA has a lot of great competition, so the best way to practice is to find the good competition. I recommend finding a local university or college...

Andy_K sagt: and trying to find the best competition you can play against, there are MANY good players there so it should be no problem.

Lenny sagt: what´s your goal for sunday?

Andy_K sagt: To win! That`s always the goal! I am looking forward to the game, it should be exciting.

obibiba sagt: Sounds very simple... How many hours of training are on your schedule every day?

Moderator: Wer will, kann seine Fragen auch gerne auf deutsch stellen. Die Antwort kommt dann auch auf Deutsch.

Moderator: Augenblick, der Rechner von Andy ist eingefroren ...

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Andy_K hat den Channel verlassen

Andy_K hat den Channel betreten

Moderator: Weiter geht's da ist unser Star wieder ..

A_ sagt: Hallo Leute...

Lenny sagt: I will be there to support you - you will win!!

Andy_K sagt: sorry about that... we usually practice 3 hours a day (2 practices), and I shoot for 45 minutes extra.

Andy_K sagt: before games we practice less (maybe 90 minutes)

Selly sagt: Andi was denkst du über den sieg in bonn?

Andy_K sagt: Es war ein großartiger Sieg für uns gegen den Tabellenführer.

Andy_K sagt: War eine tolle Stimmung und es war schön zu sehen, dass uns so viele Fans begleitet haben.

A_ sagt: We are proud, Andy...

braindunk sagt: hi Andy, I think this season you improved your performance a lot. what has changed compared to last season ?

Andy_K sagt: last season was very tough because I only played 2 games, and I was not used to this style of basketball. This season I feel much more comfortable, and I get to play much more!

braindunk sagt: what do you think is actually the best team in BBL, or does it change weekly ?

Andy_K sagt: I think it changes weekly. Bonn is the most consistent, but they can definitely be beaten. The top 8 teams all have a chance to win the Playoffs, which makes it very exciting!#

eike86 sagt: Do you know any state that you could recomend?

eike86 sagt: Do you know the Bulls Sox Training Academy in Illinois? If so, do you recomend it?

Andy_K sagt: I don't know the Academy. The larger states are best: California, New York, Florida are all great basketball states.

A_ sagt: What do you think about the derby against Giessen?

Andy_K sagt: It should be awesome. We've played about 5 games against them already (4 practice games), and they are playing well right now, it will be a hard fight!

obibiba sagt: How far can the SKYLINERS get this season? What do you think about the team's potential?

Andy_K sagt: We can go all the way, no question. Like I said before the top 7 or 8 teams all have a chance to win.

Lenny sagt: Who´s the person you like most in your team?

Andy_K sagt: I get along with everyone very well, I don't really have one favorite!

C-Web sagt: Vermißt Du Deine Familie/Freunde in Kanada?

Andy sagt: Ja, sie fehlen mir sehr.

A_ sagt: Stehen wir diese Saison wieder im Top Four?

Andy sagt: Das ist zunächst unser Ziel.

nhlive sagt: Hey Andy. Where in Canada have you lived?

Andy_K sagt: I live in Kitchener (Ontario, near Toronto) but I've lived in Vancouver for 3 years.

Sabrina01 sagt: Do you like Frankfurt?

Andy_K sagt: I like Frankfurt very much, it's especially nice because so many people here speak English.

nhlive sagt: Seriously?? I have lived in Vancouver for 2 years!! I lived in West Vancouver! British Properties! You know?

Andy_K sagt: I lived in Burnaby, I played at Simon Fraser University for 3 years...

eike86 sagt: How old have you been when you started playing? How long did it take you play quite good?

nhlive sagt: cool..thats weird..

PS2Freak sagt: Hi

Andy_K sagt: I started playing when I was 10 years old.

eike86 sagt: Thanks and good luck and success on Sunday! Good-bye

Andy_K sagt: Thanks alot!

Lenny sagt: it´s gonna be hard to win against cologne, what do you think of them?

Andy_K sagt: I think they are a good team, but we are also very good, they will be mad at us because we beat them at Cologne!

Moderator: Andy entspannt gerade mal seine Finger ....

Moderator: scheint etwas müde zu sein ....

nhlive sagt: hey andy..where do you live here? u live in this jail next to the stadium or anywhere else?

nhlive sagt: lol

braindunk sagt: I believe the most important on Sunday will be to control Obradovic and Arigbabou.

Lenny sagt: and Bogojevic!

obibiba sagt: Hopefully, they'll be even more mad when they've lost again on Sunday...

Andy_K sagt: I live in near NordWestZentrum, not in the jail, we call it 'Alcatraz'!

braindunk sagt: yes, Lenny, Bogojevic too !

Andy_K sagt: That's right! We can definitely beat them, we just have to play like we are capable of.

Lenny sagt: I think cologne is too mad to lose again!

Andy_K sagt: Obradovic is a fantastic player, Kukic is another big worry for us.. especially for me because I have to guard him!

braindunk sagt: aren't we mad too ?!

obibiba sagt: What are your goals for the next years? NBA?

Lenny sagt: zoran the turban

Andy_K sagt: I guess we're mad too, but it's not always the Mad team that wins... sometimes you have to be calm.

Andy_K sagt: For the next years I just want to become a great player here in Europe, and keep playing as long as I enjoy it!

nhlive sagt: andy? whom in the team do you like best? like..mario's best friends are like travis and stipo..whose are yours?

braindunk sagt: okay, Andy, thanks a lot ! go on having great matches with the Skyliners an have a good time !

nhlive sagt: oh ok...u live near the NWZ..so u dont hav a long way to the practise ;)

Andy_K sagt: Like I said before, I get along with everyone, I'd say I'd hang out most with Jukka, Dave, and Travis

Andy_K sagt: We practice most times at Titus Thermen in NWZ, so I actually have it very close to practice.

Andy_K sagt: thanks braindunk

Lenny sagt: do all the players have nicknames?

Andy_K sagt: most of the players have nicknames.

obibiba sagt: Do you think it's a handicap that you have to play in Braunschweig again?

Andy_K sagt: Yes, I think it's a little unfair because it is such a long trip, and now we have to make it on a Wednesday.

Lenny sagt: how do your collegues call you?

Andy_K sagt: just as a joke sometimes they call me 'Polish Rifle', if I had a good game

obibiba sagt: I hope, it's not going to affect the rest of the season too much.

Andy_K sagt: I hope not, it's tough because they are a very good team, and travelling that far makes it even harder.

nhlive sagt: hey andy! do u hav an e-mail adress?

Moderator: Wenn du Fragen an Andy hast, kannst du gerne an info@skyliners.de schreiben. Wir leiten die E-Mail dann gerne weiter.

Lenny sagt: what´s your favourite music?

Andy_K sagt: Depends on what mood I am in, I listen to old school Sum 41, and Snoop before games... other times I listen to Ben Harper and the radio.

obibiba sagt: I promise that some members of the fan club (including me) will be in Braunschweig again. Hope this helps!

Andy_K sagt: That's very nice of you! I hope this time we will finish the game!

Lenny sagt: otherwise you can do some dancing!

Andy_K sagt: ha ha ha!

obibiba sagt: I hope so, too! I don't know whether I'll be there for a third time!

Moderator: Wenn ihr keine Fragen mehr habt, entlassen wir Andy in seinen Feierabend.

obibiba sagt: Andy, thanks a lot for being with us. I wish you and the team good luck for the game on Sunday! CU there!

Andy_K sagt: OK, thanks everyone for chatting! We'll see you Sunday!!

Lenny sagt: jthanks for your time!

obibiba sagt: And don't forget: show us the 'Polish Rifle'... ;)

Lenny sagt: yeah!!

Andy_K sagt: just for you guys, I'll try to bring out the Rifle.

Lenny sagt: Bye bye

Andy_K sagt: bye everyone, have a nice night.

Andy_K hat den Channel verlassen

Moderator: Ihr könnt noch weiter chatten ...

Moderator: Bye