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Junior-National Alex King signs Multi-Year Contract

OPEL SKYLINERS develop German Talents

"We are working on a team that should be one of the bests in Europe in the near future. Therefore we won't sign any Stars just for one Season. Our Philosophy is different. We are tyring to develop young promising players, mainly Germans. Young players need their time, so we sign them to Multi-Year Contracts", says Manager Gunnar Wobke.

With the Addition of Alex King, the Team from Frankfurt is strictly following what was said by Gunnar Wobke in his Statement. The 2,00 Meter Forward is a promising Athlete who will see playing time mainly with the OPEL SKYLINERS Farmer Team of Eintracht Frankfurt in the 2.Division and Regionalliga ( 3.Divison ).

Alex King looking for better Competition

Last Season, Alex dressed for the Team of MTSV Schwabing in the Oberliga ( 4.Divison ). This Summer, he was playing for the German Junior National Team in the European Championships.

Now he is looking for more Pressure and a better Competition in Frankfurt. "Even though i'm still young, i was one of the bests in Schwabing and the Oberliga. I was looking for a change and believe that this is the best move i could make. I now can learn from better players and i'm setting higher Goals for myself. There is still some things i have to work on and the Basketball-Akademie Rhein Main is a great opportunity to do this", says King.

King: Junior-National with great Perspectives

Simon Cote, Assistant-Coach with Eintracht Frankfurt, will work on a individual Basis with King. "Alex is very athletic but still in a developing Stage. He is a good defender but needs to get better on Offense. This is exactly what we will work on. He is a hard worker and has a positive Attitude."

OPEL SKYLINERS Headcoach Gordon Herbert:

"Alex ist a very talented young Man with Fundamentals. He is a great Boy with a great Potential. He could be the one of the "top Players" in Germany in the near Future. Physically, the next Season will be very important for him and his Development. He will practice with the OPEL SKYLINERS and play with our Partner Eintracht Frankfurt in the 2.Division."

Parents fully support Alex' Decision

"Alex is going the right way and we fully support his decision. In Frankfurt, he has the best Chances to develop his Skills on and off the Court. Alex is still in school and the Management will keep an eye on that too", say Renate and Oscar King.

Where he played before:

1998-2001 FC Bayern Munchen

2001-2002 SV Germering

2002 MTSV Schwabing

More Facts:

Birthplace: Ansbach

Date of Birth: 20.2.85

Height: 200cm

Weight: 90 Kg